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Thousands of employees in the U.S. could suffer if Chinese investments here are blocked – that is the warning from the Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group. Nearly $16 billion of Chinese cash was injected into the U.S. last year alone – and California, in particular, is doing incredibly...
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Aditi Roy takes a look at how one of California's infrastructure plans is impacting residents financially.
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Check out The Rachel Cruze YouTube Channel for life and money tips! ________________________________________________________________ Find A Financial Peace class near you!
6:55 • 37,273 views • 416 likes • by The Dave Ramsey Show - Mobile Home Parks, A Lucrative Real Estate Niche Not Many Investors Know About. Here's What You Need To Know About Investing in a Mobile Home Park... Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I've got q...
5:44 • 43,165 views • 777 likes • by reiclub - Duplex Investments May Be Better Than Single Family Homes. Here's What Real Estate Investors Need To Know About Investing in Duplexes... Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I've got a quick video on...
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Following demands from a black student group, the University of California said on Friday it will drop its roughly $30 million worth of investments in private prison companies. The decision comes amid a wave of student protests against racism at college campuses across the country as...
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Watch the full presentation in HD: Sure, it’s technically an illegal vice according to the Federal government… But 25 states have said “we don’t care,” and passed laws allowing medical marijuana. 16 states have even decriminalized it ...
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CD's are safe, FDIC insured investments. That being said...interest rates these days don't offer much of a return. For those investors seeking to eliminate risk but still have an upside potential, Todd Wellnitz suggest a fixed index annuity as an option. These products provide growth ...
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Should I buy a home in 2017? Should I buy a house. Should I buy a house Now? Should I buy a Home in the US? House prices in 2017. Stocks or Real Estate in 2017?
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Are you looking for a stable real estate investment opportunity which also produces income. Call your knowledgeable real estate agent in Brentwood, Antioch,Oakland and the San Francisco/Bay Area. We will assist you in finding and/or selling your multi-units and apartment property.
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What’s land banking, anyway? Marcela joins us today to answer to talk about it. Her team provides services to place investors in high growth areas in California. To learn more, check out this video! -
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Get Your Deal Funded Here! Bring Your Deals! Current or Future) to our mini shark tank, where local investors will analyze and review all potential investment opportunities, don't miss out on this great networking and relationship building exercise! If you are tired of high interest ...
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Television ad featuring Peter Weber, a former Fortune 500 executive calling for smarter criminal justice priorities and investments in California.
1:1 • 112,285 views • 4 likes • by SafeAndJust Tips on how to save money, invest for retirement, calculate your financial needs and investment contributions, and how to manage your money online. investments, 401k, financi...
10:16 • 11,892 views • 59 likes • by InvestingInsurance - Are Tax Sales a Good Investment For Real Estate Investors? Here Is A Quick Video On The Pros And Cons Of Investing in a Tax Sale Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I've got quick video on the Pro...
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RMP La Puente Project
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Featuring Ted Lempert of Children Now and Vicki Ramos Harris of Early Edge California (November 17, 2015)
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California Climate Investments at work in Perris, CA as the Jimenez family receives free solar panels on 7/23/15.
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#QOTD: What are your grandparents' names? - India #TIMESTAMPS 2:20 - Which of your views do you think changed most in the past 5 years and why? 6:23 - When looking at potential investments that you may be on the fence about, how do you balance risk vs reward? 8:54 - What is your stra...
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Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León and Senator Richard Pan kick-off the installation of a 2.5 kW solar electric system on a low-income home in Sacramento, California. Funding comes from California’s landmark cap-and-trade program, with direction from SB 535 (De León) which...
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