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Thousands of employees in the U.S. could suffer if Chinese investments here are blocked – that is the warning from the Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group. Nearly $16 billion of Chinese cash was injected into the U.S. last year alone – and California, in particular, is doing incredibly...
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What’s land banking, anyway? Marcela joins us today to answer to talk about it. Her team provides services to place investors in high growth areas in California. To learn more, check out this video! -
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Following demands from a black student group, the University of California said on Friday it will drop its roughly $30 million worth of investments in private prison companies. The decision comes amid a wave of student protests against racism at college campuses across the country as...
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Are you looking for a stable real estate investment opportunity which also produces income. Call your knowledgeable real estate agent in Brentwood, Antioch,Oakland and the San Francisco/Bay Area. We will assist you in finding and/or selling your multi-units and apartment property.
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CD's are safe, FDIC insured investments. That being said...interest rates these days don't offer much of a return. For those investors seeking to eliminate risk but still have an upside potential, Todd Wellnitz suggest a fixed index annuity as an option. These products provide growth ...
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ARB Board Member Judy Mitchell Joins Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Port of Los Angels Director Gene Seroka in marking the kick-off of the Pasha Green Omni Terminal. When fully built out, this terminal will be a full scale demonstration of zero and near-zero emissions technologie...
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Bruce Norris and Craig Hill discuss how their program has worked over the years and what they look for when funding a loan. The Norris Group virtually has 100% of their client's attention, a trust they earned over the 17 years they have been in business. They also discuss what they ...
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California Climate Investments at work in Perris, CA as the Jimenez family receives free solar panels on 7/23/15.
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Podcast Introduction - created at
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2400 square feet of living space located in the historic temple lofts in down town Long Beach California! Reduced for a quick sale!
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Gregory Hodge, Principal, Khepera Consulting, presented on current investments in California supporting black men and boys. This presentation was part of an event organized around the topic of philanthropic support for black men and boys. The panel, "Philanthropic Support for Black Me...
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Legislators, administration officials and community partners gathered at a live solar installation in Sacramento to highlight the state’s partnership with GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, to expand clean energy access to disadvantaged communities....
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Get Your Deal Funded Here! Bring Your Deals! Current or Future) to our mini shark tank, where local investors will analyze and review all potential investment opportunities, don't miss out on this great networking and relationship building exercise! If you are tired of high interest ...
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RMP La Puente Project
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The vacation rental business is a perfect investment in California, contact me at 480-393-6318
3:44 • 23 views • 0 likes • by Torsten Kunert Trust deed Investing can earn you 8-12% interest with very safe properties and low loan to values. For more info call:1 866 611 0186
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From the Major Investments compilation
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KTR in California | Power Point Presentation | Attracting Investments | Exclusive Interview
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