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When people think of collectibles, they probably think of classic cars, fine wine, art or stamps. All of these have the potential for very high returns, and their performance is somewhat uncorrelated to the stock market. But not everyone can afford (or has the required knowledge) to p...
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The J&V Collectors Expo in Harlingen brings together people from all across the Valley to sell some of their prized possessions like action figures, comic books and video games.
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A look at the Top 10 Reasons YOU should invest in collectibles... Paul Fraser Collectibles brings you a unique insight and perspective on the world of investing in rare collectibles... The way you can make money, turn a profit, and invest in your future... For more informatio...
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Many people enjoy collecting valuable items. Classic cars, works of art, fine wine, and so on. But does collecting make sense from an investment point of view? Take the Risk Capacity Survey: Take IFA's Retirement Plan Analyzer: http://if...
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HEC Paris Assistant Professor of Finance, Christophe Spaenjers, has extensively studied the risks and returns of investments in art and other collectibles. In this conference, he discusses his view on the trade-off between "pleasure" and "profit".
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A look at the investment potential of rare autographs, memorabilia and collectibles with the team at Paul Fraser Collectibles... For more information and a free guide to the investment potential of collectibles sign up for your free newsletter today, only at: www.paulfrasercoll...
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In our series on investments that beat the banks, we take a look at buying and selling collectibles.
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Investing in art and antiques (paintings, sculptures, antique coins, you name it) can be a great way to combine business with pleasure... if you're passionate about art and antiques, of course. But what it you're not? Should only those who are passionate about art and antiques inves...
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For more investing articles or tips, please visit: Click on "Articles" Tab Visit our eBay Store: Thank you for supporting our channel: Disclosure: The content of thi...
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The Deep Dark world of Rudy's Past.... Iceberg straight ahead... PATREON : SHIRTS: ~FAN MAIL~ Rudy's Magic Store 10950-60 San Jose Blvd. Box # 139 Jacksonville, FL 32223 The following Boxes...
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Collectibles is a Fantastic PART of any portfolio. Collectibles is a Fu**ing disaster if it is the ENTIRE portfolio. PATREON : SHIRTS: ~FAN MAIL~ Rudy's Magic Store 10950-60 San Jose Blvd. B...
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Brent Huigens of PWCC discusses how collectibles act as recession-proof commodities and how, historically, their price performance has outperformed stocks.
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On this month's episode of Investment Car of the Month, we feature a Honda that's captured the hearts of so many and is sure to be an icon.
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Comic Con: Toy Investing Getting Hotter
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There's a lot to learn about collectible coins. You're never going to learn it all in a day. That said, here are 3 keys to keep in mind to get the best value from a numismatic purchase.
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Hey guys; I really hope if yall ever want limiteds, yall come through this site, their nice and have really good deals at times! Make sure you dont get scammed but if you need any help go to their help page on their site and join their discord. NOTE: If you are buying from a non trust...
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This takes the highest level of knowledge and understanding for Numismatic investment to be your best investment.
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An inside look at the benefits of rare stamp investment from leading experts Paul Fraser Collectibles. Rare Stamps are a proven alternative to equities and are considered a serious alternative asset class. Leading indices of rare stamps have shown investment growth of 274.70% i...
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