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When people think of collectibles, they probably think of classic cars, fine wine, art or stamps. All of these have the potential for very high returns, and their performance is somewhat uncorrelated to the stock market. But not everyone can afford (or has the required knowledge) to p...
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A look at the Top 10 Reasons YOU should invest in collectibles... Paul Fraser Collectibles brings you a unique insight and perspective on the world of investing in rare collectibles... The way you can make money, turn a profit, and invest in your future... For more informatio...
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Many people enjoy collecting valuable items. Classic cars, works of art, fine wine, and so on. But does collecting make sense from an investment point of view? Take the Risk Capacity Survey: Take IFA's Retirement Plan Analyzer: http://if...
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A look at the investment potential of rare autographs, memorabilia and collectibles with the team at Paul Fraser Collectibles... For more information and a free guide to the investment potential of collectibles sign up for your free newsletter today, only at: www.paulfrasercoll...
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I talk about what I would rather invest in when comparing silver/gold to collectibles
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In our series on investments that beat the banks, we take a look at buying and selling collectibles.
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An inside look at the benefits of rare stamp investment from leading experts Paul Fraser Collectibles. Rare Stamps are a proven alternative to equities and are considered a serious alternative asset class. Leading indices of rare stamps have shown investment growth of 274.70% i...
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Learn about investing in sports cars and watches. I answer a listener's question and tell you my personal story about how I bought a collector car.
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Learn about investing in sports cars and watches. I answer a listener's question and tell you my personal story about how I bought a collector car.
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Many people enjoy collecting art, wine and other items of value - but does collecting make sense from an investment point of view?
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Join the full course on Investing is not as difficult as you think; we will show you how. Speculating and trading are very, very difficult; we can't help you with those. After you have taken this course, you will have a strong foundation o...
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Chat of the Week, Powered by eBay | Stephanie Oliari In this Chat of the Week episode, Stephanie Oliari, Chief Operating Officer at Bay Precious Metals, discusses growing up in a family of numismatists, how to choose your next precious metals purchase and the benefits of a reeded edg...
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Tahitian women by Paul Gauguin was sold by a Swiss family foundation to a group of state museums in Qatar for nearly $300 million, a record sum for a single work of art. We recommend that the art collectors structure be ”limited conditional” due to FATCA recognized secrecy laws,...
5:42 • 125 views • 3 likes • by Invest Offshore FREE judgment investing book "The 5-Minute Survival Guide For Judgment Investing". Download it at while it's still free! Free Book- Money Sources for Real Estate Investing. Download here...
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HEC Paris Assistant Professor of Finance, Christophe Spaenjers, has extensively studied the risks and returns of investments in art and other collectibles. In this conference, he discusses his view on the trade-off between "pleasure" and "profit".
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Yoo was going on guys we got a Coin Making method here and today we're just investing domination collectibles and elite players for positional heroes and the gauntlet
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CNBC Investigations Inc. "Ripping off the Rich" An increasing number of wealthy collectors are investing in art, rare collectibles and even wine. But when buying rare, trophy bottles, even the most educated connoisseur can get duped. Jamie Ritchie, President of Sotheby's Wine in the...
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Janene Murdoch with a review of the book "Investing in collectables" This was part of Series 9 Episode 3 of "Dollars with Sense", that went to air on Channel 31 Melbourne on Monday 7 January 2013
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If you're cavalier in your buying you WILL be burnt. PCGS Price Guide: Excellent article from Coinweek: Buy smart so yo...
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Top 10 Modern Cars That Will Be Future Collectibles Top 10 Modern Cars That Will Be Future Collectibles - 20 Late-Model Cars Destined To Become Classics ` News ` Car And ... Top 10 Affordable Future Classic Cars - Cars - The Telegraph 10 Future Collectible Cars | Current Cars That C...
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