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Elon Musk, CEO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Tesla Motors, Inc, talks about Tesla Motors in Hong Kong, sustainable solutions for Mainland China - and Mars! Contact us: A new version with subtitle will be available soon.
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The stock markets are everywhere in Hong Kong. From taxi drivers, to waiters, to professional traders, you don't have to go far to find someone buying or selling.
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In this video i described the ways to get Hong Kong visa especially Hong Kong investment visa. i described how to get Hong Kong citizenship or nationality by getting Hong Kong investment visa. you can move along with your whole family to Hong Kong through investment visa. i described ...
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All credits to a 2011 series of "Buying Asia" with host Tim Murphy as he unveils a series of episodes that focus on real estate investments across Asia. Look back at whether the tips given in 2011 holds true in today's property market, property analysis, property investment, investing...
23:59 • 98 views • 0 likes • by lawn flamingos Invest in the Hong Kong Stock Market By The Hong Kong stock market is at a seven year high. Reuters talks about money inflow hopes as China allows mutua...
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Speaker: Stephen Chang, Head of Asia Fixed Income Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Want to know more? Visit our Market Insights Homepage By using this information, you confirm that you are a Hong Kong resident.
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Read more from Karmen: See how Karmen applies skills from her STEM background in a career in the Industrials Group within the Investment Banking Division at the Hong Kong office.
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Invest Hong Kong Corporate Video
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Apply To J.P. Morgan: SUBSCRIBE: David, who runs Hong Kong Investment Banking, enjoys that his job is about helping people both internally and externally and that his work makes a positive impact on a global scale. About J.P....
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Hong Kong IFC is the Key for China With the rising economic power, China has been gradually undergoing slow but steady financial modernization. The economic success of Hong Kong is the indicator to it. The territory has established itself as strong financial sector in the last two de...
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A comprehensive video about the most attractive industries for investments in Hong Kong. The city is a global financial centre and an important business hub in the Asia-Pacific region. Many industries are very well developed and Hong Kong also has a well educated workforce. The most i...
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Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most important business and trade hubs. The city has its own regulatory regime, separate from Mainland China, and has always enforced a free-trade policy and full foreign company ownership. International businesses prefer to set up their offices in Hong Ko...
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Shelly Painter, Regional Managing Director, Asia
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Jimmy Jim, CFA, Co-head of Global Markets & Trading Department of ICBC Asia, a 25-year veteran of the investment industry, shares the key to his career success. More successful stories can be found through the CFA Institute 2015 Career Guide -
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The long-awaited Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program has been launched, creating new opportunities for Chinese investors to trade shares listed in Hong Kong and for international investors to trade shares in mainland China. This mutual market access program is seen as a major ste...
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Find out why FinTech entrepreneurs are choosing Hong Kong where over 70‎ FinTech companies are established and capturing part of the US$700 million in investment for Asia.
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Global Banking & Finance Review interview Hing S. Tang, Ph.D, CFA, Managing Director, Head of Quantitative Strategy Business Unit at BOCI-Prudential Asset Management to discuss the investment landscape in Hong Kong and their award winning success.
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Expert instructors, variant views, money-making ideas. Benefit from the power, reach, community, and unique insights available only at ValueConferences. Visit We have partnered with the world's thought-leading value investors and The Manual of Ideas ...
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Dorothy Siron, Partner at Zhong Lun Law Firm, discusses the diverse benefits of using Hong Kong as a way to launch investments in China.
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